New Approach to Online Collaboration

All-in-one solution, where you can share ideas, deligate responsibilities, work on emerging issues and much more!

Enjoy everything in one single space - your search stops here.

Collaboration & Project Management

We offer a variety of tools for teams to effectively collaborate online! Set permission levels for different roles and divide your work among as many projects as you like!

Tasks, Ideas & Issues Management

Teamwork should not be focused on Tasks alone! In addition to our functional Task Manager, you can share and vote on Ideas with your teammates and solve emerging Issues.

Files Management

With the help of Google Driveā„¢ integration, you can manage all your team's files, create Google Slides, Docs, Sheets, and assign different access levels to individual folders!

Client Management

Managing clients might not be an easy task! Our system allows to organize all your clients on project basis, following RFP-Proposal-Objectives model. It's easier than it sounds!

Create unlimited number of projects and teams!

Whether you have hundreds of people in your team or dozens of teams in your company - it is easier to organize all of it than ever before! You can create as many teams or stand alone projects as you wish.
Have a small team or no team at all? We offer a lot of tools to keep yourself and others organized!

Keep an eye on everything

Everything is structured! Now you can separate and organize your Ideas, Issues, and Tasks in order to prioritize your workflow! Moreover, any Idea or Issue can be converted into a Task to track whether it is completed or is still being worked on.

Timeline - your own space inside each project.
See the bigger picture

Timeline is a unique feature that allows you to see all upcoming due dates accross all of your projects on Deskree. It also serves as a powerful way of keeping all your notes organized with the ability to filter notes by tags and date ranges.

Permissions - customizable to your needs

Depending on your project's needs, you can customize what team members can do, see and access, based on their role in the project. Members, Supervisors, and Admins can have completely different levels of access allowing for complete control over workflow.

Share your project with the rest of the world

Now it's easier to gather feedback from your customers or co-workers than it ever has been! Whether you want to collect bug reports from your users, generate ideas from your stakeholders, or just share some updates with the community - it is all possible in Deskree.

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